AAA Recommends Parents Know the Driving Risks on Prom and Graduation Nights

DENVER, April 14 – Every parent wants their teen to arrive home safely following proms and graduation parties. Parents continue to play an important role as teens take on the responsibilities of driving to these events. Knowing these teen driving facts from AAA Colorado and discussing them with your teen can reduce the risks.

Seat Belt Use — Seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in a crash. Require everyone to buckle up.

Driving with passengers — Teen drivers’ crash risks multiply when there are teen passengers. Set limits and enforce them.

Peer pressure — Talk with your teen about the importance of resisting peer pressure and offer advice on how to handle hypothetical driving situations. This is also important if your teen is going to be a passenger in a car driven by a teen. Encourage teen passengers to speak up if they feel they are in danger.

Distracted driving — Many teens admit to cell phone use and texting while behind the wheel despite being aware of the dangers. Make a family rule covering these and other distractions that everyone abides by.

Alcohol and drug use — Eight young people die every day in the U.S. in alcohol-related crashes. Talk with your teen about the dangers of driving drunk or riding with someone who has used alcohol or drugs and enforce strict zero tolerance rules with your teen.

Speeding — Speed is a leading factor in crashes for teens and adults. Set a good example and set strong rules.

Driving conditions — Spring time rain, darkness, heavy traffic and other realities of driving pose challenges for teen drivers. Make sure your teen has practice driving under each of these conditions.

To learn more about preparing your teen to be a safe driver, visit Involved in teen driver safety for 75 years, AAA has a full range of tools to help parents and teens throughout the whole learning-to-drive process.

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