AAA to Provide Complimentary Bicycle Roadside Assistance on Bike to Work Day

Denver, June 15 – AAA Colorado will be providing complimentary bicycle roadside assistance to all participants in Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, June 22. Transportation service will be provided when a bicycle is disabled or inoperable. AAA Colorado must be able to safely reach the bicyclist from any normally traveled, maintained road or a trail head. The bike will be secured to the service vehicle, and taken to wherever the bicyclist wants to go-work, home or a bicycle repair shop. Call 800-AAA-HELP to receive assistance.

Service vehicles are not equipped to repair a bicycle or change a flat tire. Complimentary transportation service is limited to seven miles. Bicyclists will be responsible for any mileage over seven miles at the provider’s prevailing rate.

AAA Colorado was one of the first AAA clubs in the United States to offer year-round Bicycle Roadside Assistance to its members. “Offering bicycle service is another great benefit for our AAA Colorado members,” said Linda Cavanagh, CEO and President of AAA Colorado. “Whether our members are riding for fun or commuting to work, we’ll be there to offer assistance if their bicycle breaks down.”

With an increased number of bike riders sharing the road on Bike to Work Day, AAA offers the following advice to motorists:

  • Share the road. Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists, including the right to ride in the traffic lane.
  • Slow down and allow at least three feet of clearance when passing a bicyclist.
  • Check mirrors and blind spots before turning, changing lanes or opening car doors.
  • Never honk your horn at a bicyclist. They may startle and swerve off the road or into traffic.
  • Be especially cautious around children on bikes. They are often unsteady and unpredictable.
  • Stay alert and avoid all distractions while driving.

Bicyclists are encouraged to take five easy steps to safer riding:

  • Follow the Rules of the Road. Always ride with traffic, using the rightmost lane, obeying the same laws as motorists.
  • Be Visible. Ride where drivers can see you. Do not ride on the sidewalk.
  • Be Predicable. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. Make eye contact with motorists to let them know you are there.
  • Anticipate Conflicts. Always be aware of traffic around you and be prepared to take evasive action, exercising additional caution at intersections.
  • Wear a Helmet. Helmets, when worn properly, are up to 85 percent effective in protecting the head and brain in the event of a crash.

To learn how you can share the road, visit AAA’s website for bicycle safety videos and other resources,

About AAA Colorado
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