Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is here to help you with your insurance, travel and auto buying needs.

We welcome you to our Denver location, and look forward to providing you with excellent service.

Denver Retail Store Map

Denver Retail Store

4100 E Arkansas Ave., Denver CO 80222
Phone: (303) 753-8800 Ext. 8226
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Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Meet Our Retail Store Manager

Carmen Hanagriff

Carmen Hanagriff (Email)

  • Born and raised in Denver, CO. Loves all of the local sports teams, especially the Denver Broncos!
  • Married my wonderful husband in Houston, TX and we have two handsome sons. While in Houston, I managed two offices for AAA Texas
  • Loves traveling and hearing about others travel experiences! I took my first memorable trip to Nice, France when I was 19 after winning the trip during my appearance on Wheel of Fortune

Meet Our Insurance/Membership Agents

keith allaire

Keith Allaire (Email)

  • Joined AAA in 1999 and has over 18 years of insurance experience
  • Certified Insurance Counselor
  • Loves snowboarding and mountain biking
Barb Delfeld

Barb Delfeld (Email)

  • Holds Auto, Home and Life Insurance licenses
  • Has worked at AAA for 16 years; 9 years as an Insurance Agent
  • Prior to insurance sales she was a retail store and office manager
  • Enjoys spending time with family, spending time in the beautiful Colorado mountains and summertime bike riding

Meet Our Travel Agents

Let one of our AAA Travel Agents book a special AAA Vacations® cruise or vacation package today!

vicki kistler

Vicki Kistler (Email)

  • Joined AAA Colorado in 1973
  • Is a Certified Travel Agent and Master Cruise Counselor Achieved AAA Colorado’s President’s Club Award every year
  • Achieved AAA National’s Superlative Award Best in Class 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016
shane lakho

Shane Lakho (Email)

  • Joined AAA Colorado in 2005 and has worked in the travel industry since 1988
  • Has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia and has lived in London, England Enjoys planning all types of vacations especially France and Italy
Emily Clement

Emily Clement (Email)

  • Has traveled throughout the U.S., making stops at Disney World and Disneyland
  • Has visited many locations in Mexico, as well as London
  • Has been in the travel industry since 1990, and recently joined the AAA team
  • Enjoys traveling, hiking, road trips, cruises, crafts, exercising, fishing, camping, movies, going to concerts at Red Rocks and eating her son’s cooking

Meet Our
Auto Source, Sales and Leasing Agents

kory levin

Kory Levin (Email)

  • Joined AAA Auto Source in 1991 and has worked in the auto industry for 25 years
  • Has been a Retail Sales manager, and a Fleet Manager
  • “I have been a Car person all my life and enjoy driving, and showing Classic Cars”
mike persinger

Mike Persinger (Email)

  • Joined AAA Auto Source in 2000 and has worked in the Auto buying business since 1995
  • Loves to play golf, fish and spend time with my wife and daughter when not finding cars for AAA members
Kat Noskov

Kat Noskov (Email)

  • Born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to Colorado in 1996
  • Has over 4 years automotive experience, and 15 years of customer service and sales experience
  • Loves spending time with family and friends, exploring Colorado

Meet Our Member Services Counselors

Karin Demko

Karin Demko (Email)

  • Joined AAA Colorado in 2012
  • Wanderlust in her veins!
  • First passport at the “Ripe” old age of 4!
  • Loves exploring Castles Ruins, Roman Ruins and Lighthouses!!
  • Manages a travel “Bucket List” which keeps getting longer!!!
Colleen Sodini

Colleen Sodini (Email)

  • Born and raised in New York, and recently moved to Colorado from New Hampshire
  • Has over 25 years of customer service experience
  • New to AAA and loves working in the Denver Store
Cristofer Davenport

Cristofer Davenport (Email)

  • Born and raised in Denver, CO
  • Would love to travel the world!
  • Background in acting, played numerous roles including Martin L. King