2014 Cadillac CTS

By Tom Crosby

Cadillacs just seem to get better and better and that evolution shows up once again this year with the all-new CTS sedan’s predatory appearance in a longer, lighter, sleeker car propelled by the company’s first twin-turbo V-6 engine powerful enough to catch most anything it chases.

The automatic 8-speed transmission is Cadillac’s first and the chrome steering-wheel-mounted manual paddles rev up the rpm’s for ear-thumping sound and neck-snapping acceleration.

The CTS quickly addicts a driver with precise handling and a refined ride with lightning-fast Magnetic Ride Control that justifies the narrower and lower profile highlighted by the aggressive front fascia with recessed headlights under metallic eyebrows, oversized chrome grille and pushed-out fender arches.

This is the third generation rear-wheel drive CTS and it garnered Car of the Year from Motor Trend Magazine and was named one of 2014’s 10 Best Cars by Car and Driver Magazine – heady plaudits for the five-passenger mid-size luxury sedan.

We drove the VSport (V models exhibit the highest performance traits in Cadillac’s models) Premium, top-of-the-line. There are also base, Luxury and Performance Collection versions with different engine choices. All use CUE (Cadillac User Experience) to provide voice activated infotainment, the best driving choice. Premium uses a 8-inch screen above a smooth black dashboard with chrome strips for manually manipulating controls.

Manual use can tempt eyes-off-the-road if you don’t study it first, although on-screen icons are huge and configurable. Gauges are huge and a heads-up display shows your speed and legal speed.

Interior fit and finish would please any driver with OCD – everything in our VSport was posh, with red semi-aniline leather trim ($1,650 extra) complimenting black leather seats, chrome accents and upscale materials. Bolstered front seats were comfortable for long drives but rear seating – due to a two-inch slice off previous width – is tight for three adults, acceptable for two. Rear window visibility is tight.

VSport shed 250 pounds and glides on 18-inch run-flat tires with Brembo’s popular grab/hold brakes providing stopping confidence. The sport-tuned suspension makes the CTS VSport racecar worthy. Drivers choose among four driving modes – track, sport, snow and tour.

Trunk space is average with no spare tire and knick-knack space is minimal. The CTS VSport has top federal crash ratings, a vibrating seat safety alert for blind spot or collision and automatic seat belt tightening. The navigation system displays are top-notch, with excellent side street detail.

LIKES: Looks, power, luxury, handling, ride, quiet
DISLIKES: Rear visibility, seat space
BOTTOM LINE: Pricey and addictive to drive; it deserves its awards and then some


  • Base price w/destination charge $69,995
  • Vehicle curb weight 3,616 lbs
  • Wheelbase 114.6 inches
  • Length 195.5inches
  • Width 72.2 inches
  • Engine specs 3.6-liter, V6, DOHC, twin-turbo
  • Horsepower 420 hp at 5,750 rpm
  • Torque 430 ft-lbs at 3,500-4,500 rpm
  • Transmission 8-speed automatic w/manual paddles
  • EPA Rating 16 mpg city and 24 mpg highway
  • Range 19-gallon tank, premium unleaded
  • Performance 0 to 60 seconds in under 5 seconds
  • EPA Rating 24 mpg city and 33 mpg highway
  • Range 14.5-gallon tank, premium fuel
  • Performance 0-60 in just under 6 seconds