About Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance, including towing, is designed to assist you when the eligible vehicle you are either driving or riding in becomes disabled. Under your membership, road service will be provided without charge from the nearest available service provider. Tow trucks and other services vehicles are available nationwide, to serve you and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Service Highlights

  • AAA Membership covers you in a registered, eligible vehicle in which you are riding or driving
  • Your membership includes up to four (4) Roadside Assistance events per membership, per membership year
  • For identification, safety and security purposes, we request that you be with the vehicle at the time of disablement and when the service vehicle arrives
  • A valid membership card and identification will be required at the time of service
  • Service may include an attempt to make the vehicle operable
  • Roadside Assistance benefits are non-transferable

What Vehicles are Eligible?

Basic, Plus & Premier Membership Levels

Eligible vehicles under BASIC, PLUS or PREMIER memberships include passenger cars, light pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

  • Rented passenger vehicles are eligible for service.
  • Commercial vehicles are eligible for service, with the exclusion of taxi cabs, limousines, box trucks, and semi-trucks.

RV/Motorcycle Coverage: PLUS or PREMIER Membership

PLUS or PREMIER RV/Motorcycle memberships extend eligible vehicle coverage to include motorcycles, motor-homes, pickup trucks with campers, camper vans, cab-over campers, and travel trailers such as: tent trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, camper vans, and ATV or horse trailers with living quarters. Vehicles must be safely accessible from a normally maintained road.

  • Dual-wheel loaded pickup trucks are provided all services except tire service;
  • Exclusions include non-travel trailers such as utility, motorcycle, lawn equipment and automobile trailers.

Basic Benefits

The following services will be provided to place your vehicle in a drivable condition.*

  • Mechanical Adjustments: Minor/temporary adjustments may be made in an attempt to enable your vehicle to operate safely under its own power.
  • Battery boost: A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle.
  • Flat tire: If your vehicle’s spare is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed.
  • Fuel Delivery: A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. The current pump price of the fuel may be charged, depending on which AAA club territory you are in when service is rendered.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: AAA will provide members with discharged electric vehicles a quick charge in as little as 15 minutes, which will allow the vehicle to be driven up to 10 miles (depending on the vehicle).
  • Towing: When your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of the listed services, your vehicle will be towed up to 7 miles in any direction from the point of disablement, or to the facility rendering the service at no charge.
  • Lockout Service: If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entry. If the service provider cannot gain entry, a locksmith will be called and services up to $50 will be provided.
  • Extrication/Winching: Your vehicle will be extricated/winched when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled thoroughfare. Additional expenses may be charged if special equipment or personnel are required.

Plus Benefits

All of the BASIC benefits, plus the following:*

  • Fuel Delivery: Plus coverage includes the limited supply of fuel will be delivered at no additional charge, instead of pump prices.
  • Towing: Plus extends your towing mileage to a maximum of 100 miles in any one direction from the point of disablement at no charge.
  • Lockout Service: Services up to $100 will be provided with Plus coverage.
  • Extrication/Winching: Plus provides coverage for a second truck and operator for one hour, if needed.
  • Trip Interruption: Entitles members to one of following benefits when a trip away from home is interrupted due to a collision accident, 100 or miles away from home. The accident must be reported to the police (and/or your insurance company). Members will be reimbursed for up to $700 for one of the following, provided these expenses are incurred within 48 hours following the accident:
    • Maximum 7 day rental of a replacement vehicle to your final destination from the location of the accident; or
    • Commercial lodging and meals in the locality of the accident while your eligible vehicle is repaired; or
    • Commercial transportation to one destination from the location of the accident
    • Reimbursement must be requested within 90 days of the accident and membership must be active with AAA Colorado

Premier Benefits

All of the BASIC and PLUS benefits, plus the following:*

  • Home Locksmith Service: Use of a locksmith’s services for entry into the member’s primary residence. Up to $100 per household, per membership year.
  • Towing: With Premier, one tow may be extended to a total of 200 miles.
  • Extrication/Winching: Premier extends the coverage to include the second operator and truck for two hours, if needed.
  • Free Car Rental: One free day of car rental in conjunction with a non-collision breakdown and tow through AAA.
  • Enhanced Travel Services: Many extra services like concierge services, enhanced trip interruption benefit, vehicle return, free passport photos and more.

Join Now

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  • Download & print your new membership card online
  • Membership valid for one year — from the date you join
  • Covers YOU as a driver or as a passenger — not the vehicle

* Additional benefit details are in the Roadside Assistance and Travel Services sections of the Benefit Guide (Basic, Plus, and Premier Benefit Guide).