Drunk driving

Driving Impaired

AAA recognizes that while reductions in impaired driving have been made, much more can be done to reduce alcohol and drug-related crashes, injuries and deaths. Working together to resolve this crisis is a shared responsibility. AAA is dedicated to promoting driver safety through education and advocacy.


Driving is a privilege that many Americans enjoy. Consuming alcoholic beverages is also something that many adults take part in. However, these two activities do not go together and should never be combined. If you are driving, don’t drink. And if you are drinking, don’t drive.Alcohol-impaired drivers make up about one-third of all motor vehicle deaths. An average of one alcohol-impaired-driving death occurs every 45 minutes. Each year, impaired- driving crashes cost the U.S. more than $50 billion.


Marijuana has recently been legalized in Colorado. Please remember, however, that there are still laws against driving under the influence of marijuana, with penalties similar to driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Learn more about marijuana laws in Denver.

Other Drugs

When using any drug, legal or prescription included, you should consider the risks and the effects it might have on your ability to perform routine and complex tasks. You should keep your level of risk low and avoid taking drugs that interfere with anything you might do. Remember that in addition to their intended purpose, many drugs have side effects. To complicate matters, drugs can affect various people in different ways, or a drug may affect a person differently each time it is used.

To learn more about DUI prevention, please visit AAA DUI Justice Link.