COVER FEATURE: Gold Rush 2017: The lure and lore of gold

Stopping for autumn color along Phantom Canyon Road, a few miles south of Victor near Grey Wolf Ranch. © Debi Boucher Originally published: September/October 2017 Jeep tours take you places the family sedan cannot or probably shouldn’t go, with someone else doing the driving while you fix your undistracted gaze, and focus your camera (phone),… Read more »

Remote color

Originally published: September/October 2017 Aspen gold in the Rockies isn’t the only reason to head west from the Front Range. Three photographers offer their favorite images from a region less-traveled—Colorado’s arid Western Slope. Big Dominguez Falls Falls plunge to the stream lined with autumn cottonwoods above its confluence with the Gunnison River. Big Dominguez Creek… Read more »

Colorado First: Distant thunder

Bison grazing at the Buffalo Herd Overlook at Genesee Park. © Americanspirit/ Originally published: September/October 2017 By John Lehndorff  First came the sound of distant thunder from over the prairie horizon. Then the ground shook and soon after, a wave of wild, black fur spilled across the unfenced plains of unsettled America. Bison numbered in… Read more »

Explorer’s Hub: Back to 1903

View of Redstone Castle in 2017, secluded along a private road leading south from the town of Redstone. © AAA Colorado/Tom Hess Originally published: September/October 2017 Remote and remarkably preserved, with original furnishings from the Gilded Age, Redstone Castle is scheduled to reopen in 2018 as a dream-come-true wedding destination.  By Pat Woodard When the… Read more »

Online Feature: Long way down

From the outside, Haunted Mine Drop at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park looks like an abandoned mine from the 19th century. Inside is a scream-inducing ride. © Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park/Mandy Gauldin Originally published: September/October 2017 By Tom Hess There’s something about the idea of falling fast, in the dark, that haunts many people. Not me…. Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

Originally published: September/October 2017 Winter is coming. Are you ready? How confident are you that your car is ready for the upcoming winter months? Do your tires have sufficient tread to allow you to safely stop on ice or climb that mountain pass? Are your wipers in good condition to clear the snow from your… Read more »

Road Review: Battle of the Behemoths

2017 Nissan Armada. © Nissan Nissan Armada v. Chevrolet Suburban Originally published: September/October 2017 By Courtney Messenbaugh What vehicle do you drive in the Rocky Mountain West—a vehicle that can bring everyone and everything along to conquer Colorado terrain and enjoy the environment? Why, a large SUV, of course. The SUV is built on a… Read more »

My Colorado Photos

Originally published: September/October 2017 Editors’ note: The Editors chose winning photos from dozens received online at and via email at  Eye-popping John Brill of Durango emailed this photo of mountain ash, scattered among the thick aspen groves on McClure Pass, near Marble, Colo. “After leaving the Maroon Bells, my wife Amy, our dog… Read more »

President’s Message: Would your car pass a safety inspection?

Originally published: September/October 2017 I get letters from members recalling when the Colorado Department of Revenue required an annual vehicle safety inspection and asking AAA Colorado to advocate for its return. Some members feel that we were safer on the road when cars were inspected by the state for things like working lights and brakes… Read more »

Safe Roads: What to do when you’re pulled over

Originally published: September/October 2017 Almost every driver gets pulled over by law enforcement at least once during their driving career. AAA held focus groups with Law Enforcement Officers and driving instructors to develop the following steps for what to do when you are pulled over. Step 1: Pulling over After you see flashing lights behind… Read more »

Insurance FYI: Prepare for hail

Originally published: September/October 2017 Colorado hailstorms can strike with little warning, giving you too little time to minimize damage. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle and home. There were more than 5,600 major hailstorms in the U.S. in 2016, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Most hailstones are about the size… Read more »

COVER FEATURE: Colorado Getaways: Following the Puebloan path

Pueblo del Arroyo ruin at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico. © Randall K. Roberts Originally published: July/August 2017 Between Chimney Rock in Colorado and northern New Mexico is a region where an ancient political system once thrived—one more sophisticated than previously understood. By Kerrick James When I was young, my family road-tripped to… Read more »

Summit fever

Hikers in Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area in the San Juan Mountains near Lake City, Colo. © BLM Photo/Alamy Stock Photo Originally published: July/August 2017 “How should I prepare for a safe and enjoyable mountain hike?” “Which mountain is best for me?” Your questions, answered by Colorado experts. By Hudson Lindenberger Their expeditionary teammates advised… Read more »

Colorado First: Outside for dinner

Foliage frames the back door of the potager garden in the back of the AAA Three Diamond-rated Potager restaurant in Denver. © Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images Originally published: July/August 2017 By John Lehndorff The Japanese call it “Shinrin-yoku,” a charming practice which translates as “bathing in the forest.” It is not about… Read more »

Explorer’s Hub: Next to Red Rocks: A music museum

The author’s daughter, Erin, and wife, Anne, discover the real stories behind legendary bandleaders Paul Whiteman and Glenn Miller in the 20th Century Pioneers exhibit at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. © Pat Woodard Originally published: July/August 2017 By Pat Woodard When your eyes are dazzled by the jewel in the crown of concert… Read more »

Online Feature: How the West was scripted

Estes Park, Long’s Peak (1877) by Albert Bierstadt, on loan from Denver Art Museum to History Colorado Center’s Backstory: Western American Art in Context. Courtesy of Denver Art Museum Originally published: July/August 2017 By Camila Navarrette Galloping horses topped by dark figures rapidly approach a lone cowboy in the distance. He waits, his weathered face… Read more »

yourAAA: Member Benefits News

Originally published: July/August 2017 Beat the heat Summer’s high temperatures can wreak havoc on your car’s battery and reduce its life. AAA offers you more than just a jump-start, we can keep you on-the-go with our Mobile Battery Service. We come to you—at home, at work, or at roadside—so service is fast and convenient. In… Read more »

Road Review: Picking a new champion

2017 Toyota Sienna AWD vs. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Originally published: July/August 2017 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. Courtesy of FCA US By Courtney Messenbaugh A brief history lesson, for context: in late 1983, Chrysler unveiled the seven-passenger 1984 Dodge Caravan minivan—with a look decidedly different from the Scooby Doo Crew’s Mystery Machine, the cartoon version of the… Read more »

My Colorado Photos

Originally published: July/August 2017 Editors’ note: The Editors chose winning photos from dozens received online at and via email at  Pining for beauty Rich Day of Westminster submitted online this photo of Bristlecone pine on Mt. Evans. “It was thrilling to drive up Mt. Evans and see the mountain goats, the beautiful scenery… Read more »

President’s Message: Driven by innovation

Originally published: July/August 2017  I learned a new term recently called “disruptive technology.” This caused me to reflect on the advances in technology over the past century that have changed our lives in a good way. Disruptive technology is one of those innovations that changes almost everything we do. For instance, email replaced handwritten letters,… Read more »