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With AAA, you can save on travel, insurance and even thousands of retailers nationwide. Discounts & Rewards is AAA’s exclusive member discount program offering unique savings opportunities. Save on travel, automotive, entertainment and retail products by simply showing your membership card at the time of purchase or when making a reservation. It’s that simple!

You can explore Discounts & Reward partners on our website or download our Pocket Savings Guide. Or, if you would like a brochure mailed to you which lists the latest discounts partners, please fill out the form below.

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Disclaimer: Discounts and participating retailers are subject to change at any time. Restrictions may apply at some Discounts & Reward retailers. Dining offers exclude tax, tip and alcoholic beverages and are not valid toward gift certificates at participating restaurants. Check with the retailer for details on each participant’s specific savings offer. Be sure to show your valid membership card BEFORE you make your purchase, as retailers and AAA cannot honor discount after the sale. Retailers will not give discounts to non-members who present another person’s membership card. Temporary AAA membership cards may not be accepted at some locations.