Munich, Germany - 3rd July, 2015: Skoda Superb cars stopped on the parking during the press launch. The first generation of Superb was debut in 2001 on the market. The third generation of luxury liftback from Skoda is powered by diesel or petrol engines (pushing out 110-280 HP). The Superb is the most luxury car in Skoda offer.

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, purchasing a brand-new car or SUV is not your only option. In fact, buying a used car may make more sense for your given situation. There are a lot of factors you should consider before you start shopping around.


First item to look at is your budget. A car drops an average of 20 percent in value when you drive off the lot, and insurance costs will be lower for an older car. Therefore, buying a used car is smarter financially, especially if you don’t have a lot to spend. If money isn’t as much of a concern, and the car you want is within your means, then buying new vehicle might be the best option for you.

Car Condition

A big concern when looking at used vehicles is the condition. The fact is that the car was previously owned, and you don’t know how well it was maintained. Why buy someone else’s problems? If you don’t want to worry about a vehicle’s history, you’ll be happier with a new car.

The good news is that all cars have a vehicle ID number (VIN), making it easier to check the history (AAA offers discounted CARFAX reports). Purchasing a used car might take a little more time and research, but then you’ll know the kind of quality you’ll be getting.

Customization and Amenities

Purchasing a new vehicle allows you to customize it however you like. You can add all the amenities and options you want, so you get the exact car you desire.

Used cars don’t offer that same flexibility. If you don’t mind getting options you don’t care about and living without some you do, then buying used may be the right course of action.

If you decide that buying a used car is the right move for you, here are a few other things to keep in mind.
For the best used-car deals, consider:

  1. A car from the model year preceding a total redesign.
  2. Late-model off-lease vehicles.
  3. Certified pre-owned vehicles with manufacturers warranties.
  4. Program cars (fleet vehicles, company cars, demonstrators).
  5. Late-model, low-mileage cars.

Watch out for:

  1. Cars with no maintenance records.
  2. Discontinued models no longer supported by manufacturers.
  3. Vehicles with questionable information on the vehicle history report.
  4. Vehicles that have serious mechanical problems.

When it comes time to purchase a vehicle, there are a lot of factors to think about. Let a AAA Colorado AutoSource consultant help you sort through all the details. They can help you determine whether a new or used vehicle is right for you, find you the models you’re interested in, negotiate a good deal, and secure your financing. You don’t have to go through the purchasing process alone. Contact a AAA Colorado AutoSource representative today!



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