Think you know all about your AAA member benefits? You have access to such a wide variety of benefits, products and services that it can be tough to keep track of it all. Here are a few Q & A’s that will help you to keep it straight.

Q: If I am riding with my friend to the mountains, will AAA come help if her car breaks down?
A: Yes! Your AAA membership covers you. So wherever you are, in a car – or a bicycle– AAA will be there.

Q: How many times can I call for help?
A: Membership covers up to 4 service calls for each person on the membership, each membership year.

Q: Is my motorcycle covered?
A: If you have Plus RV or Premier RV, then your motorcycle is covered too!

Q: How much is it to use the travel services?
A: Free! AAA travel agents are experts and can help with all your needs. For you DIY’s, you can research and book travel on Check out the exclusive member benefits.

Want to know more? Review the member benefits guides and find out all that your membership covers.