2017 Culinary Online Guide

2017 Culinary Travel Guide and Destinations

Our new 2017 culinary travel guide is here! Read about the amazing epicurean destinations and experiences you can have with some of AAA’s esteemed travel partners. We hope these articles whet your appetite for a culinary adventure.

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An Epicurean’s Dream Vacation

AmaWaterWays Chef
Nothing can turn any occasion into a celebration, spark a conversation, and elevate a meal from ordinary to elegant quite like wine, and when you travel with AmaWaterways, every day is a celebration. Drink up the splendor of idyllic Provence while sailing the Rhône River indulging in the perfect pairing of French wines and elegant cuisine. Read more »

Cooking in an Italian kitchen

AmawaterWays - Italy
First up: bruschetta—not a complicated dish, except that many people make it so, adding all sorts of fancy toppings that take away from its simplicity and deliciousness. My mom cut the bread, my dad chopped the tomatoes, I ripped up fresh basil, and my friend peeled a clove of garlic. Maria placed the bread on a baking sheet, slid it into the oven, and let it heat up until the inside of the bread was a little crusty. Read more »

Culinary Experiences with Princess

Princess Cruises
Awarded “Best Cruises for Food Lovers” by Food & Wine magazine, Princess Cruises® continues to raise the bar on the high seas with innovative “designed for fresh” cuisine inspired by some of the world’s most talented culinary masters. Read more »

Discovering Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese Food
Behind every memorable trip is a memorable meal, and while Portuguese food is one of Europe’s lesser-known cuisines, it is also one of the hardest to leave behind at the end of a holiday. We take a look at the local regional ingredients that have influenced Portuguese cooking, and some of the truly unique dishes to try on a trip to Portugal. Read more »

Discovering Mayan Traditions Through Yucatán Food

Mayan Stuffed Peppers and Tacos
Those who travel to the Mexican state of Yucatán unfailingly come back with tales of the region’s distinctive cuisine. This is a place where visitors can leave prior experience of Mexican food behind to experience the true authenticity of the nation’s fare, which in the Yucatán reflects its Mayan roots to this day. We take a look at this heritage-rich region by delving into the culture surrounding Yucatán food. Read more »

Savor the flavors of Fiji

Fiji Private Beach Picnic
For the ultimate tropical romance vacation, nothing compares to the islands of Fiji. Discover tranquil waters offering endless play, indulgent spa resorts, exciting activities, tempting cuisine, fascinating cultures, and romantic touches like flower petal decorations and candlelit dining. Read more »

French Culinary Creations

France Countryside
The French are passionate about their rich, flavorful, delicious, and surprisingly simple culinary creations. On an AAA Member Choice Vacations tour you will see for yourself how they pride themselves on crafting delicious flavors using fresh regional ingredients from their backyard or local farmer’s market. Read more »

Inside the Japanese Tea Houses of Kyoto

Japanese Tea Garden
Across Japan, the reverence for the country’s traditional culture is clear, and having developed such distinct customs, this is often what’s most rewarding for visitors. Kyoto is at the heart of this cultural tradition with its abundance of atmospheric temples, enigmatic geisha and celebration of authentic performing arts. Read more »

Experience the Canadian Rockies by Rail

Rocky Mountaineer
The Canadian Rockies are known to many as a must-do vacation thanks to the awe-inspiring vistas that showcase nature’s most beautiful aspects of sparkling lakes, snowy mountains, and local wildlife at every turn. With Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary and being named Lonely Planet’s top destination this year, 2017 is the perfect time to experience the vast, untouched beauty and humble culture that our northern neighbors are known for. Read more »