France Countryside

French Culinary Creations

The French are passionate about their rich, flavorful, delicious, and surprisingly simple culinary creations. On an AAA Member Choice Vacations tour you will see for yourself how they pride themselves on crafting delicious flavors using fresh regional ingredients from their backyard or local farmer’s market. Everything they make is carefully prepared and to be savored. When visiting, you’ll be delighted by the legendary world of French food, and maybe even more so, by the cornucopia of wine.

With over a dozen major wine regions, France produces the second most wine in the world, trailing only Italy. In fact, the country produces between 7-8 billion bottles every year. Each region produces its own type of wine, distinguished by the taste, the type of grape used, and, perhaps most importantly, which type of food it is best paired.

In Chateauneuf-du-Pape on AAA Member Choice Vacations’ Treasures of France tour, guests will discover this charming, historic village world-famous for its powerful red wines. The region has a rich wine heritage reaching all the way back ancient Romans. The residents here have been perfecting the vintages ever since. They will learn about the Grenache grape that is the dominantly grown in the region. Guests on this tour will taste the prestigious wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape at a historic winery and learn how to pair it with another French favorite – Chocolate!

You will set out on a tour the winery where you will come to know the wine making process. You will learn about the maker’s passion for their carefully developed creations and many varieties. Then, join an expert for a sampling their wine. Learn how to pair the different wines with locally made artisan chocolates for an experience that is sure to delight your taste buds.

The cuisine of a region offers an amazing window into the local culture. With AAA Member Choice Vacations, you’ll not only taste the incredible flavors, but you will see how they are made and meet the people who create them. Join us to uncover the flavors of France.

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