Visit Asia to see a continent immensely rich with history and exotic beauty. Surrounded by some of the world’s biggest jungles, deserts, and mountains, Asia is home to rural villages with 5,000 year-old traditions as well as some of the largest, most modern cities on the planet. See how this land merges its ancient traditions with its modern spirit.

A Week in India

Experience many of India’s wonders on this unhurried tour with a congenial group! Visit or see the historic treasures of north India including 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with authentic cultural experiences you won’t fi nd on other tours.
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China Sampler

Discover China’s sophisticated modern cities, evocative ancient towns and enchanting lakeside landscapes in the enlightening company of our English-speaking tour director. Your days will be enriched with unhurried intimate exploration of China’s highlights including 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Hill Tribes of Thailand

Showcasing Thailand’s most important cities as well as lesser-visited gems, this original journey features special cultural encounters and exciting jungle adventures. You’ll discover Thailand’s rich history, enchanting countryside and fascinating tribal cultures.
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Japan’s Inland Sea To The Alps

You’ll experience more of Japan’s gracious traditions and modern spirit as we take you from ancient Kyoto and the picturesque Inland Sea across the Alps to Tokyo. Along the way, you’ll visit or see 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Yangtze Sampler By Small Ship

Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, 4-Night Yangtze River Cruise
Sightsee and explore China’s most important cities and make a voyage of discovery on the finest all-balcony ship on the Yangtze. You’ll experience all the highlights, including 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, at a leisurely comfortable pace while enjoying cultural encounters not found on other tours.
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